What is 100 Kisses?
“100 Kisses, 100 Photos and 100 personal stories in 100 words showcase 100 unique bonds between people, irrespective of all their diversity” – is the theme of this project. 
100 Kisses is a social photography project. The plan is to shoot 100 kisses in saturated and high-contrast lighting. This lighting makes skin-colour irrelevant, eliminating one aspect of differentiating people.  This symbolism further represents people from different backgrounds, sexual-preferences, genders, age etc. 
Each kiss is accompanied by a strong story – something special, personal, intriguing, and unique. 100 true stories, from 100 duos, each with less than 100 words showcase our diversity.
In previous project, About ‘HER’, hard digital light formed a strong contrast with the organic female form. The feminine body played an important role in the project. However, the idealisation view of the ‘perfect’ female-shape is a social problem. Furthermore, it conflicts with my core values. I was looking for something in the other direction – something about ‘normal’ people and something that would be very inclusive. This project is the result of this personal quest. 
About ‘HER’ was about the relation between technology (artificial intelligence) and humans. 100 Kisses is about the connection between people. 

What will the pictures look like? Is Photoshop used in these pictures?
For the past 5 years, I have specialised in using digital-projection techniques for photography. It was an obvious choice to use this type of lighting for this special project. 
Examples of my light-projection photography can be seen on my website and my Instagram page (links below)
Some minor lighting-corrections are performed in photoshop. As far as possible, the original patterns are preserved, like how they appeared in front of the camera. Due to the pixelated structure of projection light, these images are quite difficult to manipulate. Hence post-processing is kept to a minimum. 
How will the results be presented?
We live in interesting times. Ideally, the results would be shown in a public exposition, where all duos would participate. Hopefully, the pandemic will be over soon. In any case, with so may creative minds involved in this project, we will figure out a nice way to present this. 
It is the intention to publish a book with these photos and stories, but that will depend on people’s enthusiasm and interest in having such a book. 
Who can participate?
Everyone can participate. The more diversity, the better. Duos with all backgrounds, ethnicity, sexual-orientation, gender are very welcome. The project is not limited to couples – all kisses are welcome. A parent giving a child a peck on the cheek certainly qualifies for this. 
A strong story behind the connection between the two people involved is a prerequisite for participation. 
How can you participate?
You can register your interest by filling in the form HERE. The strength of the story will play an important role in the selection. The selection will be fine-tuned to ensure diversity. If you are selected for the project, you will be invited to make an appointment for the shoot. 
The shoots will take place in my photography studio in Nijlen, Belgium
Till when can you register?
Due to the corona measures, and associated hygiene rules, the shoots will be spread over a longer period. It could take a few months before all the shoots are done. The registration page will stay open until the necessary shoots are done. 
What do I get as a participant?
Besides getting a chance to participate in this interesting project, each duo will get one print and digital photo for social media. If desired, participants can get a larger print, once the initial exhibition is done, and for a reasonable price. 
If a book is published, the participants will also have the possibility to order one copy of the book for a reasonable price. 
What about privacy?
The data collected from the forms will only be used for this project and will be held only while they are needed for the project. Participants should register with their official names. They have the option of staying anonymous or disclosing their names when the results are shown publicly. 
Obviously, the photographs and stories will be published publicly. 
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